How to become a smart man2

If you have ever felt like a walking clanger, then maybe your first time reading this article may have been the most memorable one of all time. In fact, when I started writing my first article almost two years ago I was struggling to think up an appropriate title and yet it has not stopped me from sharing it with anyone else in the world! There are only so many ways things can be written, but maybe that’s what makes them interesting? It certainly helps me understand why people keep coming back to this article because it offers some of the best information for becoming a smart man! Now before we start, let’s go over what we really mean by being a smart man and how we plan on achieving it…

Smart man is someone who follows strict rules or boundaries without crossing the limits of those boundaries and/or being overly protective. He’s someone who never thinks it’s okay to break the rules and does not set boundaries, he just knows that they exist. You can read more about these types of people here. Also if you’re interested in specific details about how you can become a smart person, it’s also right here.

Now onto the main topic at hand. Yes, there is actually a different type of smart person than the one just described, although this may be confusing because you will be met with numerous questions as to which type of smart person is that and why would you care? Well, in reality, this is important to know before diving into our smart-man-ing! All smart people share three common traits…

1. They work hard; They take ownership of their physical health by eating healthy and exercising every day and taking walks in order to stay fit. This makes their healthiest smart person you’ll ever meet. Their health is a priority, of course, however it’s not always centered around their finances, either. These types of smart people make sure that they feel good about themselves financially, physically and mentally.

2. They have a strong sense of self-direction; People who do this get very much done. Whether it’s finding fitness classes or nutrition experts in their communities who can tell you how much to eat daily, they help us feel confident in ourselves. Without knowing this trait you cannot be a smart man. Having personal accountability through accountability comes naturally to smart men in general. These smart people are typically highly motivated to achieve something great instead of spending too much money on material possessions…

3. They’re intelligent, self-reliant, and generally friendly to others. While having these four characteristics is helpful, intelligence alone isn’t enough of an attraction when it comes to success. When smart people know what’s going on in life, their energy levels are raised significantly. And, to an extent, increased confidence is a big part of the equation. So while smart people are often the ones to motivate us along with other individuals in times of hardship, it’s also crucial to remember how serious of an impact their influence will be.

Now that it is abundantly clear what traits these smart people posses, we must dive into the details. They come in 3 primary styles: Introspective, Innovating and Intangible. All three play a role in every smart person…

1. Introspective: Intelligent people are incredibly curious and intellectually able. As a result, they are constantly seeking new knowledge, experiences and ideas. These types of smart people find out more about the world than almost any non-intellectual smart person, whether it’s investing time looking at books, learning a new language, watching TV shows as examples, etc.

2. Innovative: An innovator is someone who wants to create a better version of themselves and use their skillsets to better themselves. We see people like Jim Rohn, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Bill Gates Jr., Paul Rudd, Stephen Hawking, Jack Dorsey, Ray Kurzweil, Elon Musk and many other entrepreneurs all fall under this category. Not only do they want to change themselves, but they also want to improve the way we live…and this includes making us healthier and happier. Think about everything that we see people on social media (myself included) constantly posting about. Innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship are key facets of successful companies that thrive because they create an environment where innovation thrives and growth occurs.

3. Intangible: An idealistic individual is someone who cares less about the outside world. Many people aspire to be this lifestyle through the idea of working harder rather than worrying about getting sick or losing their jobs. Although sometimes the desire to stay positive and selfless is admirable, it can also be harmful at times. Overdependence on negativity and fear can lead to burnout, especially when that same ideology is carried out at high levels. Regardless, this individual tends to stay grounded by thinking on things that matter to them and are willing to put effort into their own health and well-being.

Now, while we have all made mistakes and learned lessons along the way from our imperfections, the biggest lesson we should learn is that it doesn’t take perfectionism and ego to succeed as a smart man. Because of that I feel truly satisfied as a smart man. Of course, this may change over time, I am certain that it has already changed for many in the last ten years but in short, I feel I am far more productive with myself and that feeling stays the same!

I plan on continuing doing this research on becoming a smarter man until the end of my days. The point in this article is what I hope to demonstrate. Anyone who feels that they are a “smart man” and wishes to grow this trait, I invite you to join me. Please do not hesitate to email me to talk about anything you’d like me to write about in further articles or contact me directly through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

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