A mantra to be recited only one night for a whole month

A mantra to be recited only one night for a whole month

A mantra full of money that will be recited for one night for a whole month

Incantations and mantras have been around since ancient times… There are some people who have benefited from really powerful mantras and experienced extraordinary things…

He himself said that the mantra he recited with good faith and good luck would have a powerful effect on him…

The mantra that I will mention now is the money mantra that makes you rich…. You have to recite it only one night in the whole month.

Every full moon night of a month, read and offer the money mantra mentioned below.
Diwata Pati Gatha, which is famous as Ngwin Gatha, Sabvamyan Gatha Pali..

(1) Diwatapati Adisa, Rattima Bhatisandi Ma. Thannaddhakhattiyotapati Izayaitapati Brahman. Atthabbamahorati, Buddhotta Patitezatha..

(2) Tadisham tezatsampanam, Buddhawandamiadram. Na Makkaranu Bhavena, Sabbepure Antu Thikappa..

Burmese interpretation of the mantra..

(1) The sun only shines during the day. The moon shines only at night. A king shines only when he is dressed in the five jewels… An arahant shines only when he is in his life, but the Buddha shines at all times day and night with all kinds of power…

(2) Day and night, the Lord, who shines brightly with his power and majesty, the disciple worships him with all his hands and hands. It is intended for others, please skip it if you can read it…

Burmese pronunciation..

(1) Diwatapati Adetsaw Rattimabati Sandima Thannat Dokhattiyo Tapatii Isa Yitapati Brimano Atsepba Ma Horatin Voddhaotapati Tejatha

(2) Tadisham tezasham panam bodhwandami aa dharamnamekkara nubhawena sefbepurintu tha pak.. (When reciting the rakok sound, come out with a roll of the tongue like the English pronunciation of R. Try to make it come out as raat instead of yaplak sound.

God preached..

Lord Ananda preached this mantra while he was staying at the Migaramatupassat of Mytha Bayar Thavatthi Paya Poppahang School.

Lord Ananda was delighted to see the beauty of the sun rising from the eastern world, the beauty of the sun shining on the island of West Goya at the twilight of the full moon.

While feeling this way, he was also delighted to see the beauty of the King of Pathinadi Kosala, surrounded by four soldiers, dressed in royal robes, holding flowers and coming to worship the Lord.

In addition, Lord Ananda was pleased and delighted to see the colors shining brightly from Kaluddayi Arhat Mather.

After that, seeing that the shining color of the Lord was more powerful than the above Sun, Moon, King, Arhats, the Lord prayed to the Lord and recited this mantra.

(2) The second (2) mantra was included in the mantra, which was recited by the sages of the late sages, and the good men and women who offered it. .

This is a mantra that will be beneficial to the audience, so I’m sharing it like this… May everyone be prosperous… Source

: Danma (Dhammapada)

Full money overflow mantra to be recited for one night for a whole month

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