on himself ill- intentioned An abusive person If there is, to recite a powerful mantra



on himself

ill- intentioned

An abusive person

If there is, to recite

A powerful mantra

Read it at the table

He intended evil against himself. If there is an abuser, a mantra that is very powerful to recite

Vadathaku mantra


This is the only cure Ku Tha da Wei Wei

Dayat Dada Thaya Da

Tha Tha Dhi Ku | Only the doctor

Ku Da Ku Bo | Bhu Kuda Ku.

There are many meanings in that word, It is also known as Veda Thaku mantra. Also known as Indra’s body guard mantra,

Because it is a very powerful mantra


By swearing and vowing the good deeds they have done in their past lives, they will succeed in all their endeavors.

He intended evil against himself. Arbitrary abuser..people bad teachers Counterattacks against demons. The main benefit of the mantra is victory over all enemies.


loud and clear, Reciting regularly It is a mantra that is easy to recite, so you need to recite it. Behind many people who become successful and famous, there is often the benefit of past karma, as well as the benefits of the great mantras that are often chanted. All these are my enemies.

This is far away.

Tha Linra.

Let him run away.

They are evil to me. Only by itself.

This is because of the failure of the plan.



This is because of my generosity.

Just over the fence.

Let it grow. 3

These are the ten bad deeds that I have done. All that I have done is because of the power of the ten merits.

That’s the end of it. And to those who are despicable. And those who are angry and angry.

Only by teaching.

May the cure be successful.

And those who are proud of such anger.

Long lasting.

Just not together.

Let it be.

People who practice good deeds.

Only with good people. 3

In the successive cycles of life.

Let the king meet together.

With those who increase their good character.

In the successive cycles of life.

Every time.

Let it be that they do not meet and associate.

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