“I want to be written next to the peacock plane” is the true history of the tragic event..



“I want to be written next to the peacock plane” is the true history of the tragic event..

Princess Ping is one of the three (3) virgin princesses married to King Minton. They are Mine Neung Suphao Kyi, Tai Ta Tong Khao Tin and Ping Thing Kyi. Although they were officially married in public, they were real virgins who had not even been married.


Princess Ping is the eldest of the two daughters of King Minton and Queen of Table Mountain Erosion. The queen mother was the queen of Min Tong Min’s wedding house (taken from the prince’s life).


Soon after, she was given the title of queen with the title of Devi, but her luck ran out after 3 years of becoming queen. Princess Ping and her younger sister, Thao Moe Mee, had to be taken care of by King Minton’s queen, Sinkara Devi. When Princess Ping came of age, her father, King Tay Min Toon, married her brother, Prince Makhra, to Rethun.

At that time, Princess Ping knew that Prince Makhara was living in the royal palace with two official concubines, but she only accepted it because she did not surpass her father. From the time Prince Makhra married Princess Ping, he did not live with Princess Ping, and only lived with his concubines. When King Min Tong found out about this, he ordered his sister Ping Princess to go to the palace, but she only said “I’ll go.”


Finally, King Mintoon ordered the concubines of Prince Makhra to return to the community and moved Prince Makhra to his palace. However, Prince Makra stubbornly refused to go to Princess Ping’s house, instead, he let his favorite concubine, Myer Soo- vae’s sister, Khin Ma, hide in a brick building, and they lived together again.

In the end, due to Prince Makhra’s brutality, Princess Ping was heartbroken. I became emaciated because of my shame, Unsettled, she had to ask her father, the king, to officially divorce Prince Makhara. In the end, King Min Tong was forced to officially divorce her, and Princess Ping had to make her debut in Yadanapa’s royal court as a full- fledged virgin.

Princess Ping, who was looking for a bad life, ended her luck in the year 1244 with more than 30 traumas. Here, Princess Ping’s life was quite bad compared to the lives of the other two virgin married princesses. As for My Naung Suphoa Gyi, she did not go to Thipao Min Dormitory because of her sister Suphoa Lat, but she had a mother to rely on.

In the same way, the Taita Tong Khao Tin actress was legally married to Prince Colin, but she had a mother and sister to rely on, and Prince Colin was not cruel to her.

Su Phua Gyi, who was the victim of Thipao Min’s cruelty, said, “I want to write a letter next to the peacock flying palace” because she made up her heat, not only did Ping Min’s daughter end up in a bad life, but because Prince Maung Do Makra was merciless and cruel again, I think that her heat would have burned as hot as the fire of hell



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