Today’s children are not easy to get the joy of our childhood summer school holidays



Today’s children are not easy to get the joy of our childhood summer school holidays…

Today’s children are not easy to get, once the happiness of our childhood summer school holidays..

The springtime of childhood often brings joy in heaps and heaps. As the old leaves fall slowly, as the crickets fly away, as we throw our bags over our shoulders, freedom flows through the veins of our bodies. Since the summer school is closed, when the spring comes, they start playing all sorts of games. I think freedom makes us happy. Children’s springs today are certainly not as free and light as ours. Even though it’s a long school holiday, there are many courses, so I can’t find time to play or listen. Parents’ greed puts pressure on their children.


Thinking about the food we ate and drank during the spring, we ate mostly seasonal crops and Burmese bread and bean snacks. Sometimes it’s just a stick of ice with red syrup thrown in it, worth one mart (25 paats). When I had plenty of money, I used to have the childish idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeating too many popsicles. As a child, I only got pocket money from my parents, so I never had to eat a lot of ice cream.

I don’t know if children today can understand the joys of our childhood. When I wear it, I wear a horse’s head jacket with short sleeves at home. They had to go and come, so they ran to the tailor shop to get dressed. Eat, drink, green beans, eggs, guava fruit boiled sweet potato Baked corn Tart wrap Repackage sugarcane juice Bali juice plum juice


That’s all the juice. It doesn’t get more beautiful than this. Shwe Rin Aye juice is a juice that my mother buys and drinks when she comes back from the market. Orchid juice Canned juice is the juice that you have to make and drink at cold stores in the city. When I was young

I didn’t know it was good to drink orchid juice and canned juice.

My brothers The uncles were drinking canned juice and orchid juice. Today, orchid juice, I don’t know if they still have canned juice. Why didn’t we eat anything special?


It is not easy for today’s children to understand that he was happy. Despite having an abundance of good food and drink, I still want life to be fun. Even if you have to touch and eat with a measuring stick, if you want to be happy, you’re happy, right?

Why the springs of our childhood must have been fun. I thought it was because I was free and happy. no need to go to school No need to attend tuition, Since the morning has arrived, play wildly.

Help parents work as much as possible. In the afternoons, we drink tea or whatever. take a nap In the evening, I don’t know how tired I am. They played without knowing that they would get flowers. There were also times when they did community work when the Sabbath came. Our predecessors and older sisters have taken the lead

When it’s done, we can’t stand it either. I started to join the community as much as I could.

The games we used to play were broken ceramic bowls. To keep the cigarette butts lined up, we shot them with a shudder.

We made our own shadow do. Broken drinking water pots, Broken basins are the best materials for shodo. There is also when rolling the abacus, and when the stamps on the bread are collected and stamped

They did. There is also a game where you have to throw rubber sticks (rubber rings or chicken drumsticks) on a bamboo- sided stump and shoot them correctly so that the rubber rings on the bamboo- sided plates fall under them.

kite flying They also played games such as gin. Of course, there was a game of polo with colorful figures written and painted on a piece of paper about an inch in diameter. At least if there’s nothing to play with, he’ll go round and round in circles on the bare ground with his stick.

They also played a catch game by crossing the heart of a circle and placing it as a divine pool.

Group games such as cap seo, I’m tired of it, Open the golden gate, airplane shutter Pledge They play games such as Shwe Sun Nyo from the sunset until the beginning of the night. There are also lots of games to sit around and play

beans. flying chicken playing with birds I remember playing hide and seek with my fingers.

Some games, I have already forgotten how to play. I still remember some of the games, but I can’t remember the name of the game. Every game has its own rules and rules. to play There was no money to play, and there was no cost for food. They went here and there as a temporary trip. But I was happy.

Every time this summer comes, I miss the joy of my childhood that I once had. I remember knowing that I can’t go back. Can today’s kids understand?

Originally written by Than Soe Naing


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