Seven dreams about getting money



Seven dreams about getting money

1. Milk or honey Dreaming of milk or honey in a dream is a sign that money will come in soon, such as squeezing honey from a large beehive, milking a cow, milk covering the streets, etc.

. Gold and jewelry Gold is a symbol of wealth. If you see gold in your dream, it is a forerunner that you will soon be rich.

If you dream of wearing rings, you will soon earn money.

3. Number (8) The number (8) is considered to be a lucky number in China and Asian countries, but in Myanmar, there are some ideas that the number (8) is bad, but (8) is one of the precursors that you often see when you are about to earn.

4. If you dream of an eagle, it is a sign that you will get money. If you dream of an eagle, you will get bravery. If you dream about him, you will get money.

5. The next thing is money.

6. wheat Rice These are the basic and essential food items. Wheat and rice are things that represent wealth and happiness, so if you dream of them, you will be lucky and have money.

7. If it’s animals, cattle, elephants, or horses, it’s a forerunner of money. If it’s birds, parrots, snakes, etc. If you dream of bees, scorpions, and mice, you will get money.

I pray that all readers have a happy day.

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