If there are people who borrow money and don’t pay it back ;After reading this post, I asked boldly, and then read



If there are people who borrow money and don’t pay it backAfter reading this post, I asked boldly, and then read:For other reasons or those who borrowed moneyWhat you should know

  1. Share the message.If the person who is going to pay you can’t pay because you borrowed money, you can read this letter and ask boldly.If you can’t pay, you’ll go to jail for 5 years if you borrow money anywhere you like.etc. I hear these words from time to time. I don’t know who started it.

    This phrase has become a weapon used by people who borrow money and don’t want to pay it back. So, the moneylender also borrows because he gets a little interest.

  2. Now, when I ask for it back, the person who once borrowed money from me with a small face, now has a big face and looks like I’m borrowing money from him.
  3. I had made up my mind that if I could not request this, I would file a lawsuit, but on the other hand, because of the interest, when I was told that I could be imprisoned for 5 years, I thought that I would not be able to return the money that I had borrowed and the money that I had helped.Is there a law that says that if you pay interest, you can be imprisoned for up to 5 years? The law really exists.
  4. But if you do this now and see that the moneylenders are threatening you, it’s not bad if you get a little interest from the salary and money you will have.This is why I am writing this letter because I have seen the things that have happened to the borrowers who have borrowed money. On the other hand, if the lender says this, don’t worry at all. do not be afraid.
  5. Be brave enough to ask for the money you have borrowed. The source is sure to get back.5 years in prison means that he does not have a moneylender’s license, but only those who operate moneylenders as a business, and do not include those who sometimes lend money to help friends.
  6. So if you have a loan, don’t be afraid to ask for it. Even if you don’t get the minimum interest, you can ask to get the principal back, so I put it up with full dedication.I pray that those who have entered and read this may have healthy and happy days for the rest of their lives.
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    Know that what you are doing is not always enough -.


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