I have to calculate your age and birthday regularly Sometimes too true Zana predicted ,how to calculate



I have to calculate your age and birthday regularly . Sometimes too true Zana predicted ,how to calculate

“It was developed and calculated by the ancient masters based on the seven processes of the Buddha’s body, Mahajanakamin. It is a very easy and clear calculation that is still used by scholars today.It is a very powerful prediction if the calculation is coordinated with other calculations such as the master board without taking a fixed car.

) how to preach /

For example – he is a Sunday child

(25) in Sunday chart (25)

Find the * Nang * is in the box, and that hall

Read it.

If he is a child of Tanala and is now 20 years old, find (20) in Tanalazia’s plot. It’s in the *broken* box, so read that verse.


Building means building a ship. Still planning for businesses, It is said that the business is still in the beginning stage. Finding investment for the business will be easy. The business plan will be successful. If you are looking for a job, you must work. If you apply for a job, you must work. cases, There will be many jobs. As money comes in, money goes out.


Out means the departure of the ship from the land of Zambanagore. Good new friends will increase. It is a good time to do joint ventures. Will go on domestic and foreign trips. Foreign businesses will be successful.

Wreck means shipwreck. It’s a time of bad luck. The economy will decline. People tend to think badly of others. Minor accidents often occur, as well as death- related pains. Someone will appear who will disturb the work of the position. Be especially careful about marriage.


Kyauk is a stone placed above the stone mat by the goddess Mekhla, so consider it lucky. Unexpectedly, there will be people who will help. There will be big lottery prizes. If you are sick, you will be healthy again. Say that you have met a good teacher. If there is a case, there may be. If you are in custody, you will be released. Declining economies will rebound. Education will be good. If you are married, say that you have met a good spouse. Plans will be successful.


An umbrella is a number that wears a white umbrella. The name will be famous. Good news and fame. Must be rewarded. Must have degrees and honors. If you take the exam, you will pass the exam. Will be promoted. Businesses must be expanded. new house construction A new house will appear.


Nang is the name given to the king. Say good fortune. Will be promoted. Business will flourish. Must have heritage. You must win the competition. If you enter and compete in the elections, you can win. There is a married number. If you get married, you will be lucky. Donation must be made. He will be the head of the kingdom.

The standard is the number you receive wealth from. There will be no danger, big money and big bribes. Business will improve.

You will get big positions. Storage items will be profitable. Entourage friends will increase. Money will be collected.


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